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On September 26, rookie announced that it had officially signed a contract with deppon, Zhongtong, Yuantong and other express companies to launch the online video cloud monitoring system to open the logistics Tianyan. Millions of cameras in various logistics stations across the country will be officially connected to the intelligent system based on Logistics IOT to realize the intelligent management of stations, which will play an important role in the double 11 this year. The intelligent trip of hardware products will start again in the field of logistics industry monitoring

millions of cameras in various logistics stations across the country will be upgraded from simple monitoring and backtracking facilities to intelligent sensing devices after connecting to the logistics Tianyan built by rookies. This year's double 11 will be officially upgraded to the first IOT double 11

the recent price increases of Yuantong, Zhongtong, Yunda and other logistics companies have aroused widespread discussion. On the eve of the double 11, major logistics companies are working hard and accumulating a lot. The intelligent IOT system launched by rookie is precisely to alleviate the contradiction between logistics companies' operating costs and market pricing. Logistics Tianyan system is a low-cost video monitoring solution based on cloud computing and incorporating new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence. The ordinary camera is transformed into an intelligent IOT device, and the video surveillance picture takes into account the graphene research of European countries into an overall accurate visual display

it is reported that after the introduction of Cainiao intelligent IOT system, the monitoring system has quickly improved from the previous single monitoring and recording function to intelligent identification of whether the parking space is idle, whether the unloading and loading operations are normal, and whether the accumulation in the station enters the initialization mode. After the detection is successful, we start to start whether the machine is saturated, whether the channel is blocked, and other functions, which originally require manual on-site inspection, The real-time identification is completed by the camera, which is intelligently pushed to the front desk at the first time, and the front desk will mobilize personnel to deal with it quickly

as Li Qiang, the technical director of cainiacang transportation and distribution, said, the logistics industry is about to enter a new stage of interconnection of all things. Whoever catches IOT, AI and big data will not be eliminated in this wave of new technologies related to life and death. This is true of the logistics industry, as well as other industries. Seizing the opportunity of the Internet of everything era is an important factor that will not be eliminated in the era of big data and intelligence

for the embedded hardware industry, its rich interfaces, as well as the basic hardware characteristics of motherboard, core board and embedded quasi system products, as well as the application requirements of multiple industries such as professional tablets, all make it have rich application scenarios, which determines its market role of serving multiple industries to ensure flexible transmission. Therefore, it is of great significance to introduce intelligent concepts and core technologies at the embedded hardware level, so as to complement the intelligent needs and equipment of all walks of life at the application level, and contribute to its intelligent upgrading

in the field of embedded hardware intelligence, North China industrial control has been making continuous efforts in R & D technology, production technology and market expansion, mobilizing various resources, and striving to be the escort and innovator of the intelligent ecological industry circle. There are many product solutions that introduce cutting-edge intelligent concepts such as face recognition, edge computing, big data, and has been developing more fully intelligent product solutions, together with upstream Intel, Hisilicon, Freescale Feiteng and other core technology suppliers jointly discuss the latest prospects of the industry and accelerate its implementation with products

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