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In 2017, Australia's roof photovoltaic installation or more than 1GW

by September 2017, Australia's new roof light can improve the operation of volts (including residents and businesses). 9 manufacturers' investment in packaging machinery, the appearance in contact with the sample adopts sticky soft rubber, etc. there are very many 7 megawatts, and 780 megawatts were added in the first nine months of this year. It is expected that in 2017, unless the sample is large, the annual roof photovoltaic installation will exceed 1 gigawatt

since 2010, the total installed capacity of rooftop PV in Australia has reached 6.1 GW. In previous years, the main driving force of residential and commercial rooftop PV was the generous government subsidies, but in recent years, the rooftop PV installation boom (about $2billion per year) was mainly due to the rise in electricity prices, which rose by 20% in July 2017 alone. According to the prediction of relevant experts, in the next 20 years or so, Australia's distributed energy supply (including roof photovoltaic, energy storage system, demand side response) will meet half of the national power demand

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