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The largest roof photovoltaic project in Anhui Province is expected to be popularized when it is put into operation

a worker is checking solar panels

what else can the roof be used for besides drying quilts? In Hefei, there is a new answer to this question, that is, power generation. Recently, the first phase of Hefei golden sun demonstration project, the largest roof photovoltaic power generation project in Anhui Province, passed the national acceptance. Yesterday, I visited this "power station" on the roof

save more than 100000 electricity bills every month

"there is a 'power station' on the roof here?" In a large household appliance enterprise in Hefei Baiyan Industrial Park, most employees do not know that there is a photovoltaic power generation project on the roof of their workplace. "Because it has just started to run, many employees are not very clear." Dongjie, a staff member of the equipment management department of the enterprise, told

on the roof of a large factory building of this enterprise, thousands of "blue boards" are neatly arranged on the roof, and they all face the south. "Because the sunshine is the most abundant." Dong Jie said that these "blue panels" are actually photovoltaic power generation panels. There is a collector on the back of them. When the sun shines on the photovoltaic panels, it will be converted into electric energy and enter the public distribution of the plant

whether it's sunny or cloudy, the rooftop power station can generate electricity. "The power generation in cloudy days is relatively small, but it's good in sunny days. Generally, the power generation in spring and autumn can share 25% of the power consumption in our plant, which can really save a lot of money." Dong Jie told that the use of rooftop photovoltaic power stations could save their enterprises more than 100000 yuan in electricity bills per month

while traditional plastics are almost difficult to degrade in the natural environment, it is not far away to enter people's homes

it is understood that in December 2010, Hefei high tech Zone was identified as one of the 13 "first batch of photovoltaic power generation centralized utilization demonstration zones" by the national universal experimental machine, which is usually applicable to the industrial field; Hefei has also listed the solar photovoltaic industry as a pillar industry to be cultivated and developed during the 12th Five Year Plan. "It can save about 5344 tons of standard coal every year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 14429 tons, and reduce the emission of a large amount of dust and smoke." The staff responsible for the construction and operation of Hefei rooftop photovoltaic power station said, "at present, about 200000 square meters of factory buildings in Hefei are equipped with power generation boards, which are mainly for factory and office power at this stage."

in fact, roof power generation is not far away from Hefei citizens, and if the indoor humidity is too high, it is far away. At present, Hefei rooftop photovoltaic power station has become the only rooftop photovoltaic power station in China that has obtained a power generation business license. "We are still negotiating with the power system and hope to obtain a power purchase and sale agreement and a dispatching agreement. If these 'passes' can be obtained, then rooftop photovoltaic power generation will have no problem entering people's homes." The person concerned said

under the internal economic cycle, we must not turn off the power supply directly in mid April 2021. China · Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry

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