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Roof type carton packaging is popular all over the world

in recent years, despite the growing development of packaging technology and the emergence of new packaging forms, roof type carton packaging still ranks first in the packaging of fresh milk and fruit juice with its unique advantages and characteristics. According to relevant data, at present, 360billion such packages are used worldwide every year

it is understood that the unique design and unique material and structure of the roof carton can appropriately prevent the entry and exit of oxygen and moisture, and reduce the impact of oxidation on the flavor and color of the product. The light tight property of the roof type carton can prevent the vitamins in the product from being damaged by light, so as to protect the nutrition, freshness and taste of milk and drinks in the box. 77 asphalt waterproof membrane. The cost of packaging materials for roof plastic cartons is lower than that of other packaging materials, which takes up less space during transportation and reduces the storage and transportation cost. The packaging material of roof type carton meets the requirements of environmental protection, and the raw material comes from renewable resources - wood. Cartons can be naturally decomposed after use, and can also be decomposed into various raw materials for secondary utilization by high-tech means, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection

the development of the roof carton packaging market has led to the continuous emergence and application of new forms and technologies of this kind of packaging. And these new technologies have become a trend in many specific markets and specific development stages. For example, a few years ago, the technology of capping the roof box appeared, so that the box can be easily opened, dumped and resealed, which greatly facilitates the use of children. After the carton is capped, the appearance can attract consumers more, so it is widely used by customers in the high-speed development period of the market. The capping technology itself has been continuously improved. For example, evergreen packaging equipment company developed the sput Pak system into inside out, which greatly improved the capping speed and completely solved the problem of burr leakage

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