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On October 20, the 16th International Fire equipment technology exchange exhibition was grandly opened in Beijing, as the largest and most influential international fire equipment exhibition and technology exchange event hosted by the China Fire Protection Association in China, XCMG group focuses on the latest development trend of the industry, and the eight new fire-fighting equipment stars it has made will make a brilliant debut at this exhibition for the first time, which strongly demonstrates the new pattern of XCMG fire-fighting in building the industrial development of "high performance, high quality, specialization and complete set"

flash Magic - dg32k1 new generation compact climbing platform fire truck

XCMG dg32k1 climbing platform fire truck mining, the first two bridge compact whole machine layout, with lightweight technology, innovative design of multi joint combined arm, zero tail swing turntable, all aluminum alloy fire pipeline, so that the weight of the whole machine is lighter, the load is increased by 25%, and the range is increased by 32%. The vehicle adopts multi joint luffing and leveling, automatic navigation of expansion and retraction, intelligent compound luffing and other control technologies, so that the operation time of the whole vehicle is less than 80s. The efficient operation and rescue channel design makes it more convenient for the operator to get in place and locate the rescue path, greatly shortens the rescue time, and the rescue speed reaches the world leading level

high altitude Warrior - dg70c1 climbing platform fire truck

dg70c1 climbing platform fire truck adopts an innovative s4+q3+f1 side mounted combined boom, with a maximum operating range of 25m and a boarding action time of 270s. The vehicle is equipped with a combined water and foam fire tank (3 tons of water + 0.5 tons of foam), which adopts innovative foam automatic mixing technology and is suitable for class a/b foam. The whole vehicle is equipped with 30 safety control devices. The fire extinguishing type and liquid carrying capacity adopt the dual CPU control architecture, and has the upgraded intelligent exhibition navigation technology. The vehicle control has good linearity, high precision, and the intelligent control level is leading in the industry. It is an intelligent high meter number of fire warriors for rescue

super God of war - jp58s1 high jet fire truck

jp58s1 as a high jet fire truck adopts an innovative 3+3 two group side telescopic boom structure, with a maximum operating range of 27m, and has a strong ability to cross obstacles. The vehicle's full load specific power is greater than 11. It adopts the latest breakthrough high-pressure and large flow fire-fighting technology, with a maximum flow of 10000 liters per minute and strong fire-fighting performance. The car is based on fast, efficient, versatile and flexible. The time to complete the action on the car is only 200s, which greatly improves the efficiency of rescue and fire fighting. Jp58s1, with a length of no more than 12M, is the shortest 60m high spray vehicle in China at present. It is truly a super God of war guarding Petrochemical fire safety

intelligent rescue King - yt53c1 ladder fire truck

yt53c1 adopts the domestic first independent platform articulation technology, with four rescue work modes: platform, fast lifting pulley, ladder bridging and plug-in stretcher with high-pressure hydraulic source as the power source. With large flow bubbles, it can be applied to various rescue and fire-fighting conditions. The car adopts the new ladder intelligent vibration reduction technology, which can actively reduce vibration. Within a cycle, the amplitude is attenuated by 80%, and the vibration times are not more than 5. The rapid rescue lifting system adopted makes the rapid performance of yt53c1 reach the domestic leading level. The maximum load of its lifting bucket is 180, which makes the hard phase in the sample appear convex and the non-metallic mixture in steel and the graphite phase in cast iron gestate to produce the sign of "tail dragging"; When the humidity is too small kg, it only takes 150s to rescue and return once, which greatly improves the rescue efficiency. Yt53c1 is the first ladder fire truck equipped with fire booster pump in the industry, which greatly improves the fire-fighting efficiency and the safety and reliability of fire-fighting equipment and firefighters

energetically water god - ap80c1 high-rise water supply fire truck

XCMG ap80c1 high-rise water supply fire truck is less than 10 meters long, with large bearing space, high operation efficiency, good mobility and strong power, which can be called the best in the industry. Ap80c1 adopts an independently designed independent crew room, which can carry 8 people at a time. At the same time, it also provides various equipment information, which greatly meets the requirements of rapid and multi member combat. The vehicle pioneered the high-pressure and low-pressure series and parallel fire-fighting technology, using two-stage centrifugal high-pressure and low-pressure water pumps, which can realize secondary pressurization and one-time liquid supply of up to 300 meters. It can effectively solve the problem of lack of water source in high-rise fires, and provide a reliable guarantee for the fire-fighting and rescue tasks of high-rise buildings. It is a powerful God of water for high-rise fire rescue and air rescue

city warwolf - ap50c1 compressed air foam car

ap5c1 foam fire truck is a multifunctional city main battle vehicle with the functions of water tank fire truck and foam fire truck. This product uses water to mix with Class A or class B foam system, which greatly improves the fire extinguishing efficiency. At the same time, it is equipped with lighting system, traction system, rescue equipment and protective equipment. This vehicle is a multi-functional fire fighting vehicle integrating lighting, traction, demolition, rescue, protection, fire fighting and other functions

this product is used to put out fires in urban high-rise buildings, residential houses, shopping malls and other buildings, and is the first vehicle to dispatch outstanding public safety accidents such as urban traffic accidents, building collapses, earthquake disasters and personnel distress

battleship of the sea of fire -- sg210a1 water tank fire truck

XCMG sg210a1 water tank and the oral high-density polyethylene new bottles and recycled bottles processed and produced by you are equipped with a fire liquid tank with a maximum capacity of 21 tons of water. It is equipped with the largest large flow pump in China, with a flow of up to 10000l/min, which can fully meet the long-distance water supply of fire forces and single vehicle fire fighting. The fire transmission and heat dissipation system independently developed and designed by sg210a1 for the first time in China allows the whole vehicle to carry out continuous fire-fighting operations for 6 hours, and the temperature rise is still less than 50 ° C, which improves the operating efficiency of the whole machine by 50%, greatly meeting the needs of long-term continuous fire-fighting operations of water tank fire trucks

XCMG sg210a1 large flow and high-power water tank fire truck can be used as the first vehicle for single vehicle fire fighting. Its powerful low-pressure and large flow single vehicle combat ability can not only independently complete the fire fighting work of a certain fire, but also can be equipped with other related fire vehicles in a complete set in the face of more complex fire scenes, so as to help complete the fire fighting operations faster and better. It is a fearless fire warship on the fire rescue battlefield

water supply hummer-400 remote large flow water supply and drainage complete equipment

400 high-power remote water supply and drainage complete equipment is composed of 1 pump fire truck and 1 (or 3) hose laying fire truck and hose bridge protection equipment according to user requirements. The main water supply line adopts DN300 large-diameter fire hose, which can deliver the water source within 6000 m to the fire site with the flow of 200 ~ 400L/s, so as to meet the continuous water supply demand for multiple fire engines. XCMG 400 long-distance large flow water supply and drainage complete equipment has three advantages of convenient water intake, fast, light, flexible movement and long-distance and large-scale water supply, and can work continuously for up to 15 days. The remote water supply equipment will make the fire rescue even more powerful, further improve the ability of fire fighting and rescue, and mark the development of XCMG's fire equipment industry to a new level. At the same time, the complete set of equipment also has the function of urban drainage

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