The hottest signing continues to bloom in Lovol ET

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Heavy signing continues, "Lovol etx+ value experience tour" blooms Quancheng

heavy signing continues, "Lovol etx+ value experience tour" blooms Quancheng

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Guide: on March 22, 2014, the first Chinese loader hip-hop tour and Lovol etx+ value experience tour with the theme of hip-hop youth quality pioneer landed in Jinan, and more than 500 agents and user representatives from all over the country gathered in Quancheng, Jointly appreciate the extraordinary quality of Lovol loader, which is fuel-saving and reliable. And

on March 22, 2014, the first Chinese loader hip-hop tour and Lovol etx+ value experience with the theme of "hip hop youth and quality pioneer" landed in Jinan. More than 500 agents from all over the country and user representatives cleaning the dust and debris in the electrical box gathered in Quancheng to taste the extraordinary quality of Lovol loaders, which is "fuel-efficient and reliable". The on-site ad hoc digital interaction, prototype experience, test drive, loader hip-hop dance and other wonderful experience marketing links have narrowed the distance between users and high-quality Lovol loaders. "Impress users with experience and conquer the market with word-of-mouth". The activity of Lovol etx+ value experience Jinan Station achieved 306 on-site machine ordering, which once again set off the climax of machine ordering of Lovol loaders

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Wang zhaoxun, executive deputy general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry, told that Lovol loader is one of the strategic businesses of Foton Lovol heavy industry. Since Foton Lovol heavy industry entered the loader business in 2004, Lovol loaders have quickly been recognized and favored by the majority of users in terms of product quality, product performance, efficient service and so on

"'street dance youth · quality pioneer 'China's first street dance tour of loaders and Lovol etx+ value experience tour,' Lovol loader pioneer training camp 'and other activities are important parts of the new high-quality loader value experience that Lovol loaders strive to build. The activities have been toured in Weifang, Kunming and Jinan, and achieved outstanding performance with more than 1200 fixed machines." Wang zhaoxun said

experience Lovol loaders personally and stimulate users' enthusiasm

at the experience marketing meeting, users showed great interest in Lovol loaders for compatible machines, competed to understand the excellent technical quality of Lovol loaders "reliable, energy-saving, safe and comfortable", and actively participated in the on-site test drive. Laozhang, a veteran user in Hebei, told him that this kind of activity of experiencing the machine performance on site attracted him and made him feel the excellent performance of Lovol loaders from zero distance. He ordered two Lovol loaders at one time on site. "In 2007, I bought a Lovol loader. In six or seven years, Lovol's service personnel maintained my car several times a year, and they came to fix any small problems at the first time. It's better to test drive than to see the car. This time, I came to Lovol's activities. I specially tried Lovol etx955 loader, which is fuel-efficient and comfortable to drive. I ordered two at a time!"

it is understood that in the Lovol loader pioneer training camp fully built by Foton Lovol heavy industry, Lovol specially set up an exciting "hip-hop experience" where the loader stunt operator explained and demonstrated the operation essentials to the students, and then the students got on the truck to operate the loader, experienced the loader hip-hop dance, and felt the excellent technical quality of Lovol loaders, Finally, according to the time of (1) turning off the oil pump electromechanical "handstand" when each student drives the Lovol loader, the Lovol loader hip-hop dancer award is awarded

participate in Lovol loader pioneer training camp

master Chen, who participated in Lovol loader pioneer training camp, said, "I thought that only long-term trained stuntmen could complete the loader hip-hop dance, but I didn't expect that I could also complete it. The stability of Lovol loader is really amazing!"

quality innovation with experience marketing, Lovol loader goes against the trend

in order to improve the stability of products and improve the technical indicators of products, Lovol loader, as one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry, has been committed to catalyzing product research and development through technological upgrading, accelerating the rapid aggregation and upgrading of its own technology research and development capabilities, industrial chain structure and product structure, so as to bring users the best product experience. Especially in the field of scientific and technological innovation, Lovol loader has taken advantage of the "three countries, four places and four in one" global R & D system established by Foton Lovol heavy industry in Europe, Japan, Tianjin and Shandong, accelerated the pace of integrating R & D resources at home and abroad, fully introduced and absorbed global advantageous resources such as products, technology and talents, and spared no effort to create "world standard medium and high-end products" for the majority of users

Lovol loader: sow tomorrow for children

"teaching people to fish is better than teaching people to fish". The greatest help for a person is to help him complete a comprehensive and complete education when he is young. During the activity of "Lovol etx+ value experience tour" Jinan Station, Lovol loader continues to continue. During the activity, every time users buy a Lovol loader product, Lovol loader will donate 500 yuan to the "Lovol public welfare care plan for left behind children" to fund left behind children in poor areas and help children hold up their hope for tomorrow. Lao Li, a user from Texas, told, "buying Lovol loaders has good quality and service, and it can also help children go to school, so I hardly hesitated, and ordered three at a time!"

"Lovol public welfare care plan for left behind children" is a care activity launched by Foton Lovol heavy industry to help left behind children. Each year, special funds will be allocated to select left behind children from all over the country who are excellent in both character and learning, and provide them with material and spiritual care and care in the form of caring students, caring volunteers, family 1+1+1 family care activities and other forms. Since its launch in Zhengzhou in 2011, Foton Lovol heavy industry has closely linked enterprises, users and left behind children with love, and jointly wrote a new chapter of "Lovol's great love for public welfare"; In just three years, Lovol's love mileage has been nearly 30000 kilometers, supporting more than 2600 left behind children, and has become a "dream helper" on the growth path of children whose paper industry has ushered in a short "spring"

Lovol loaders, as one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry, in the face of the general downturn in the overall situation of the industry, Lovol loaders have launched a number of new loader products such as Lovol etx+ series loaders and Lovol LNG loaders in combination with market orientation, comprehensively enriching the Lovol loader product line; At the same time, Lovol loader takes customer experience marketing as the core engine of sales, carries exhibition marketing and various forms of terminal promotion, so that customers can have close contact with the machine from zero distance, so that Lovol loader can create a rich dream with users

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