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On April 1, with announcing that will realize cross provincial operations in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and other areas under the jurisdiction of the Northwest Civil Aviation Administration, the commercial field of unmanned aerial vehicles immediately entered the hot search list. Some industry experts said that this means that the speed of intelligent logistics competition will reach a new level

this breakthrough comes from the administrative measures for logistics distribution and business activities of civil unmanned aerial vehicles in Northwest China (Trial) (Civil Aviation Northwest Bureau Fa [2019] No. 66) (hereinafter referred to as the "administrative measures") issued by the northwest administration of civil aviation of China. The content of the management measures shows that civil UAVs with a maximum empty weight of more than 250 grams (including 250 grams) and a maximum take-off weight of no more than 150 kg can be used to carry out commercial flight activities of cargo transportation and distribution in the jurisdiction of Northwest Civil Aviation Administration of China, including Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, etc., and are applicable to the supervision and management of corresponding flight activities

previously, has obtained a provincial UAV logistics operation license from the northwest regional administration of civil aviation. With this license, logistics UAVs with a takeoff weight of no more than 300 Jin can fly across regions in the four northwest provinces, which is the first time that the commercial use of logistics UAVs may break through the provincial regional restrictions

JD logistics said that it would continue to use the characteristics of UAVs in space, speed, e-mail:amyxiang@ bonniechai@ degree, transportation and other aspects to carry out large-scale applications. Through the accumulation of massive flight data and logistics distribution samples, it would promote the "Northwest mode" to the whole country and even the world, establish an innovative mode for the operation of UAVs internationally, create an industry benchmark, and help China's UAV industry lead the world

previously, UAV has just been recognized as an industry technology research center by the State Post. For the breakthrough of UAV this time, Fang Xi, assistant director of the development research center of the State Post Bureau, said that at the beginning, logistics companies made UAVs by feeling the stones across the river. Now the whole policy is being relaxed more and more, and various regions have issued some licenses one after another, which is the biggest reason for the rapid development of UAVs in express business, The continuous expansion and large-scale application of UAV distribution scenarios, and the cooperation with logistics enterprises and civil aviation management departments to actively explore the upgrading and improvement of the regulatory system will become an important force to promote the commercialization of the UAV industry

with the gradual opening of the market for commercial applications, many companies that originally focused only on consumer UAVs have also begun to expand their fields such as agriculture and manned aircraft, and the wave of commercialization has gradually opened

at present, among the major industries, agricultural plant protection is the most widely used, which is also a big market with Chinese characteristics. Beijing plote Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., an UAV enterprise in the Development Zone, focuses on the field of plant protection. In fact, Plott did not enter the field of plant protection on impulse. "In 2012, Plott developed plant protection flight control, but at that time, the degree of automation was not mature, and new energy vehicles still had momentum for stable growth, and the corresponding product experience was not good." In 2015, Plott invested in the research and development of plant protection flight control template again according to the market demand. Finally, by the end of 2017, through continuous improvement of relevant technologies, a UAV that needs to be controlled by professional pilots was finally upgraded to an intelligent machine with full autonomous flight, making the threshold of operation lower and lower, and successfully entered the field of plant protection

on the other hand, there are also many UAV companies involved in the fields of Surveying and mapping, rescue and emergency after a period of operation. In addition, the application of logistics is the next service point that everyone is optimistic about, but there are large barriers in both technology and supervision. To solve the problem of battery technology, flight control needs to be further matured and improved, and the most critical thing is that national policies and regulations need to be matched

industry insiders said that with the development of technology, UAV and other application technologies are highly integrated, and more new application scenarios will appear. However, it needs the support of national policies, laws and regulations. At present, the policies, laws and regulations of UAV low altitude aviation control are not perfect, and many of them are vague. Only by increasing breakthroughs like that in the Northwest can we accelerate the application and play a very important role in promoting the UAV industry

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