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Sign up now! COPC Inc. customer experience management training, March 23, Beijing

become the leader and excellence

participate in our new training courses, learn the cutting-edge management methods of multimedia customer service such as self-service channels and customer service, and master how to manage a world-class customer experience operation center

course time: March 23-27, 2019

course location: Beijing

Course Introduction

based on the needs of industry personnel to professionally manage customer experience operation institutions, COPC Inc. designed this special training course. COPC customer experience excellent practice training is a comprehensive training course, which will provide you with ways to effectively improve customer experience, increase sales and reduce costs. More importantly, by improving customer experience operation management, you can turn your customers into brand advocates

you will learn:

how to apply the actual benchmarks, implementation suggestions and excellent practices in the COPC customer experience standard to achieve high performance

basic knowledge of measuring and managing customer experience, including accurate measurement of key indicators of a single channel or multiple channels, customer satisfaction benchmarks, and how to prioritize action plans to improve customer satisfaction

collect and analyze customer feedback, understand the key drivers of customer experience in a structured way, and effectively transform the customer care function into an enterprise's intelligence station

the management indicators, objectives and benchmarks of manual and self-service channels are classified and managed for service, quality, cost, income and customer satisfaction

key processes of customer experience management, including labor force management, quality, recruitment, employment and training

the guidelines for data collection, report making and data integrity ensure that appropriate customer experience and operation indicators are tracked, the calculation method of indicators is correct, and the data is holistic, so that the management team can accurately measure performance and take targeted improvement actions

how to judge whether the target level of performance has been achieved and continuous improvement has been achieved is comprehensively considered through service, quality, revenue, cost and customer experience indicators

course arrangement

become the coordinator of COPC Certification Implementation:

in order to certify your knowledge and skills in implementing excellent practices of customer experience, COPC Inc. has created a new title: COPC Certification Implementation Coordinator (i.e. the former COPC customer service provider registration Coordinator). After successfully completing this training course and successfully passing the exam, you will become a well-known and popular COPC Certification Implementation coordinator in the industry

The training courses of COPC Inc. will teach you effective ways to improve customer experience, increase sales and reduce costs. Importantly, by optimizing your customer experience operations, you can turn your customers into advocates of your brand

about COPC Inc.

copc Inc. provides consulting, training, certification and revelcx software solutions for operating institutions that support customer experience. COPC Inc. has created a COPC standard family, which includes a standard system applicable to contact center operation, customer experience management, outsourcer management and procurement management. COPC Inc. was founded in 1996 and has been committed to helping contact centers improve operational performance. Now? COPC Inc. has become a global "Polyurethane coating is known as the innovation leader of 'liquid rubber', helping enterprises strive to find and solve the difficulties and problems existing in users' use in time, optimize operations, and provide excellent service process. COPC Inc. has been established in Winter Park, Florida, from imitation skills to digital skills, and has branches in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, India and Japan. For more information, please visit cop C Inc. official website: (Chinese); (English)

2019 COPC China open class training plan

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