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Siegli carbon fiber yarn production line starts

siegli group recently officially launched the stretch cut carbon fiber yarn production line at muirof ord production base in Scotland. Today we will talk about the matters needing attention of the material tensile testing machine when installing the test piece with this kind of pull cut carbon fiber yarn with excellent performance and fine technology The new technology independently developed by sigrafilcsby group will enter the market under the brand sigrafilcsby. This kind of carbon fiber yarn has resistance to electricity and can be used as heat conducting material, as well as sewing yarn and knitting yarn. In addition, it is also applicable to the automotive industry and other fields that have high requirements for the compressive properties of carbon fiber composite components. In addition to the typical carbon fiber characteristics of light weight, high strength and high temperature resistance, this kind of yarn also has excellent knot and hook strength. The optimized yarn can open up new application opportunities in the fields of sewing and weaving

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