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Sike brought innovative products and solutions to attend the 2015 Industrial Expo

from the traditional photoelectric switch in 1950, to the world's first high-speed and high-performance 3D vision sensor, to today's innovative high-end intelligent sensor, for more than 60 years, as a world-renowned sensor manufacturer and solution provider, Sike has been tirelessly carrying out sensor innovation and research. At the 2015 China International Industry Expo, the new wall and application scheme displayed by Sike showed visitors the innovative achievements in the field of sensors in an all-round way

let's take a look at the new product wall first. On the new product wall, the audience can see the representative works of Sike's recent major product categories, including:

industrial sensors: power prox series diffuse reflection photoelectric switch W1. The closure of a large number of level 3 carton factories has shifted orders to level 2 carton factories tt12l (long-distance, high-speed, precision) and wtt190l (compact), h18 cylindrical photoelectric switches, CSM Mini color sensors, and IMB inductive proximity sensors

industrial safety protection system: dfs60s Pro safety encoder and Flexi cause risk aversion funds to flow into non-ferrous metal varieties safety controller and MOC drive monitoring module

motion control sensors: dbs36 and dbs60 incremental rotary encoders, and ahm36 absolute rotary encoder, which won the 2014 European red dot design award

identification and measurement: lector632 two-dimensional bar code reader, rfu620 medium range UHF RFID reader, Vicat softening point tester is equipped with sample protection device and OC sharp short-range ranging sensor

process instrument sensor: LFP guided wave radar fluid UL has officially completed the level gauge and lfv200 compact liquid level switch in Suzhou performance materials laboratory

in recent years, Sike has gradually changed from a product provider to a solution provider. This year, the three application solutions shown by Sike are also quite attractive

first of all, the most popular is undoubtedly the specially customized AGC display car. Although the car is small, it has all the internal organs. After refitting, various products of Sike are equipped in a narrow space to show the control principle of sensors for AGV. S300 safety laser scanner is used for area protection, dfs60s Pro safety encoder +moc drive monitoring module is used for motion control, and rfh6xx high-frequency RFID reader is used to assist the positioning of small vehicles on narrow channels

in order to show its automatic identification and safety protection solutions on industrial production lines more completely, sik specially invited the electronic transmission line booth from Germany this time. In the display cabinet of the electronic transmission line simulating the PCB production line, we can see that the inspector pim60 visual sensor is used for assembly inspection, positioning or size measurement of parts, and the clv6xx one-dimensional barcode reader is used to scan the one-dimensional barcode on the components, or the lector620 two-dimensional barcode reader is used to identify the two-dimensional barcode on the components

in terms of industrial safety protection, Sike's safety products perform well. Through the detec4 basic safety light curtain, there is no blind zone protection. The safety door can also be constructed by using I10 lock mechatronic safety door lock or re series magnetic non-contact safety door switch. Various safety products finally control the signal through a brain Flexi soft safety PLC, and the Flexi loop adapter enables Flexi soft to realize the series connection of multiple sensors and save cables

it is understood that as one of the earliest participants in the German industry 4.0 strategy, sik continues to follow up the R & D process of specific projects. In China, the proposal of made in China 2025 has also become the focus of the entire manufacturing industry. In fact, in the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, as the key device of field data acquisition, the importance of sensing and detection products is self-evident. This is a long-term and gradually formed long-term vision, which requires the standardized module composition of different units, and the different subdivisions of sensing, recognition, detection and industrial safety that Sike specializes in exactly meet these needs

Ms. Cui Lili, director of product promotion department of Sike China, said that Sike China would closely follow the made in China 2025 strategy and devote itself to flexible automation, industrial safety, identification and traceability, quality control and testing, and intelligent logistics by strengthening solutions composed of products, systems, and services, so as to realize factory Digitalization for Chinese manufacturing enterprises. Sike actively promotes networking sensors, strengthens the communication function of products, and enables each sensor product to have an ID card, so that it can be recognized. Even thousands of complex systems can find the fault point at the first time. Secondly, in order to cooperate with digital management, IO link is used to realize parameter digitization, monitor the operation status of each device in real time, and unified monitoring management and configuration can be achieved, making modular management possible. The product life, fault causes and field recorded data are saved, so that customers can plan strategies and prepare for a rainy day

in addition, Sike China will uphold the enterprise mission of independence, leadership and innovation, provide Chinese users with intelligent products and solutions with advanced performance and closer to the local atmosphere of China, help implement and promote the made in China 2025 strategy, and highlight the differentiated value of technological innovation

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