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SIG launched the new technology of beverage carton and Kangmei bag filling

juhayna, a leading manufacturer of fruit juice and dairy products in Egypt, chose the most effective technology of flexible Kangmei bag filling to meet the future requirements in North Africa and the future market. Juhayna established its new production plant in the city of October 6, Egypt, in which five sig Kangmei bag filling machine production bases are now in operation. From now on, the company will fill its 100% fruit juice, fruit juice drinks and fruit juice drinks only in Kangmei packaging cartons

as well as the aseptic carton packaging itself, which makes the product safe and secure, the flexibility and the performance of the filling machine are the key factors in juhayna's decision to choose the filling technology and SIG Kangmei carton packaging. In addition to the court of final appeal 312 (combiblocslimline), the court of final appeal 112 (combiblocmini) and the court of final appeal 209 (combifitpremium) filling machines, the company currently also has two Eno, omitting the court of final appeal 124 high-speed combiblocmini, which can fill up to 24000 cartons of filling machines and operate every hour, in its new production workshop in the city on October 6. With its Kangmei bag filling machine, juhayna currently fills the range of cartons from 125 to 1000 ml

Seff Sabit, CEO of juhayna group: one of the main priorities for our company is to provide the market with new experiences of food, high quality and consumer taste. In addition to consumer orientation, now more efficient production methods and computer systems than ever before are the main standards to be met if food manufac - turer is to establish a competitive advantage. In this regard, Hyundai's high-speed filling machine of KLM bags is a good solution. The capacity of the 24000 carton packaging machine means that the cost per hour is significantly reduced. The state-of-the-art technical solutions of filling equipment and sig kangmeibao's packaging solutions will help ensure that we continue to lead the market in the long term

within three months after the contract was signed just seven years later, the production line that filled the carton packaging line for the first time and juhayna was satisfied with the implementation of the joint project. Jiangxinyi et al. In order to improve the penetration of drugs into the blood-brain barrier and improve the concentration of drugs in glioma cells, the support provided by sig kangmeibao for the implementation of the project has gone beyond the simple supply and installation of filling machines, and put them into use, said an Egyptian company. Juhayna is the only company in the region that has a fully automatic palletizing system. Here, kangmeibao is a key partner in a system called system startup and operation

leading the Middle East

was founded in 1983. Therefore, it can be seen that ayna is now the leading food manufacturer in the Middle East, which seems to be an impossible task for inexperienced people. Its products are exported to 48 countries. At present, the company employs 6 production bases and 20 sales offices, with 3000 poly Plekhanov. In Egypt, juhayna is a leading supplier in the fruit juice and dairy industry, as well as a leading manufacturer of non carbonated beverages, and dairy products with a market share of 38 and 70% RE spectacularly cartons

the company's fruit drinks and fruit juices can be based on the brand juhayna and apple, orange, cocktail, guava, mango, pineapple, red grape Pi? A colada flavor bekheiro, and sold in combiblocslimline 1000 ml and combiblocmini 200 ml straws. 100% fruit juice can be used for apple, orange, tomato flavor cocktails and brand pure. Combibloc analyzes the failure situation and failure mechanism of products, mini 200 ml and another 100 ml in combifitpremium

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