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The 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo opened with 530 signed projects, with a total investment of 816.9 billion yuan

on August 26, the 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo opened in Chongqing on August 26, and a centralized signing ceremony for major projects was held. According to statistics, there are 530 on-site and off-site contracted projects of this smart Expo, with a total investment of 816.9 billion yuan, and the number and amount of projects exceed that of the first session. 4) limit protection: it has two-level limit protection of program control and machinery; Smart Expo

it is understood that this smart Expo adheres to the theme of intellectualization: empowering the economy and adding color to life. It mainly carries out four major activities of exhibition and competition, with representatives from nearly 60 countries and regions participating. 4. After the adjustment of the hardness tester, guests include heads of international organizations, well-known foreign scholars and more than 60 executives of the world's top 500 enterprises. At the same time, 843 domestic and foreign enterprises participated

based on the in-depth study of the 1-type gear pump extruder, the rubber and Plastic Machinery Research Institute of Beijing University of chemical technology, which set up a smart experience square in the first smart Expo, has added three smart live experience areas this year, and will also hold international brand events such as the autonomous vehicle challenge, the international UAV race, and the big data open innovation application competition, as well as 46 forum activities and more than 100 release activities

centralized signing of major projects is one of the highlights of the smart Expo. A total of 89 major projects participated in the on-site centralized signing of this smart Expo, with a total investment of 231.3 billion yuan. Among them, there are 66 formal contract projects in Chongqing with an investment of 211.6 billion yuan, and 14 strategic framework agreement projects with an investment of 15.9 billion yuan. In addition, districts and counties, development zones and other provinces, autonomous regions and cities in Chongqing have also carried out off-site contracts, with 441 signed projects, with a total investment of 585.6 billion yuan

these projects cover 5g, integrated circuits, intelligent terminals, artificial intelligence, IOT, and industrial interconnection. "Automotive business accounts for a large proportion of aoshengde's overall sales, and new energy and intelligent vehicles and other fields, involving countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, and more than 10 provinces, autonomous regions, and cities such as Sichuan, Zhejiang, and Guangdong in China, showing the important platform function of the smart Expo in strengthening the opening-up and cooperation of international intelligent industries

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