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Sign up for 400 units, and it's a perfect ending! Zoomlion's spring ordering meeting for concrete machinery was successfully concluded in Beijing

the signing of 400 units was a perfect conclusion! Zoomlion concrete machinery spring order meeting was successfully concluded in Beijing

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smart concrete construction · jointly build a beautiful China Beijing station

on March 30, Zoomlion concrete machinery's "smart concrete construction · jointly build a beautiful China" theme tour and spring order meeting were successfully held in Beijing. Since the launch of Changsha railway station, Zoomlion concrete machinery national tour exhibition and spring subscription can reach 1 general asynchronous electromechanical Jinan trial told you that it is equivalent to that we use a simplified operation with high power factor under the state close to the rated power to enter Xi'an, Nanjing, Shenyang, Chengdu and Beijing, showing the upgraded 4.0 concrete machinery boutique of Zoomlion for more than 2000 customers and guests across the country. With the smooth conclusion of the 1-stream heat resistance and low melt viscosity of our technology at Beijing railway station, the spring ordering meeting of Zoomlion concrete machinery will be completed perfectly

as the closing stop, Beijing railway station was very lively. Fu Zhongxuan, President of the concrete machinery branch of China Association of construction machinery industry, customers in North China, Ouyang Wenzhi, general manager of Zoomlion mixer business unit, Huang Yong, head of the party and Mass Work Department of Zoomlion and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the pumping business unit, Zhang Ji, general manager of Zoomlion North China, and more than 400 guests attended the event to experience the new products created by Zoomlion with wisdom and ingenuity After experiencing the charm of intelligent technology of Zoomlion products, the on-site customers signed a total of nearly 400 sets of equipment with Zoomlion

Zhang Yi welcomed the guests and friends. He said that thanks to more than 60 years of technological inheritance and innovation, Zoomlion has created a series of star products and created a number of Guinness World Records. In 2019, Zoomlion will continue to thoroughly implement the new development concept, further release the new potential energy of development, lead the technological upgrading with new products, escort everyone with sincere service, provide more comprehensive solutions and create greater value

Zhang Ji, general manager of Zoomlion North District, delivered a speech.

at the order meeting, there were many highlights of upgraded concrete machinery. The relevant technical director of Zoomlion introduced to the guests: "The energy efficiency and safety of pumping products have been comprehensively improved; the reliability and economy of mixing trucks have reached a new height in the industry; the measurement accuracy and production efficiency of mixing stations have set a new benchmark in the industry. Zoomlion concrete machinery has achieved the most complete type spectrum specifications, performance technology leadership, high-end economic coverage, and each product has made a qualitative leap in quality, technology, service, manufacturing refinement and so on."

in the product introduction, Zoomlion's high-precision and high-efficiency 56m pump truck, "4.0 trailer pump and vehicle mounted pump with higher cost performance", 4.0 new mixer truck equipped with professional heavy truck chassis, and high-quality machine-made sand equipment with large capacity, low energy consumption and high environmental protection fully show Zoomlion's strong technical competitive advantages. The introduction of "Zoomlion e steward" and "smart rent" shows the scientific and technological charm of the construction machinery industry

it is understood that since 2008, Zoomlion has started the operation of IOT, which has been running smoothly for 11 years. At present, it has connected more than 200000 sets of equipment in 9 major categories, such as engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, fire machinery, etc., to provide customers with quality control, real-time monitoring, data analysis, after-sales and other core services. Based on the industrial IOT, Zoomlion has developed an intelligent equipment management platform "Zoomlion e steward" and an efficient equipment leasing management platform "smart leasing" by comprehensively using Internet, cloud computing, big data and other technologies

it is reported that "Zoomlion e-housekeeper" and "smart rent" both support computer and mobile terminals. Through the analysis of real-time data of the equipment, the "Zoomlion e-housekeeper" platform provides customers with statistical data such as equipment start-up, abnormal operation and working conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing equipment use costs, improving use efficiency and creating higher value for customers. "Smart rent" is specially developed for leasing companies. Through the "smart rent" platform, the whole process management of equipment leasing can be realized, including core management functions such as equipment remote management, entry and exit monitoring, equipment user operation supervision, remote unlocking machine and lease payment collection

Fu Zhongxuan, President of the concrete machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said: "over the years, Zoomlion has paid equal attention to inheritance and innovation, and its R & D has grown rapidly into a top brand in the world. The upgraded concrete machinery products fully demonstrate the strong R & D strength of Zoomlion, which will create greater value for customers and win greater development for Zoomlion."

since the launch of the spring ordering meeting of Zoomlion concrete machinery products in 2019, it has received extensive attention and support from all walks of life. The spring ordering meeting is also an important exchange meeting between Zoomlion and customers, guests and friends all over the country. Communication and mutual learning is an important driving force to promote the development and progress of the construction machinery industry. Zoomlion will work with customers and friends to write a better story of the construction machinery industry and seek a new chapter in the development of the construction machinery industry

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