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SGL Group - the carbon company, the world's leading manufacturer of carbon graphite materials and related products, recently announced that it had acquired 86% of the equity of Portuguese listed company fisice (fibras sint é ticas de Portugal S.A) from its former major shareholder negofor as planned. The final total price of this acquisition is expected to reach about 25million euros. At the same time, an application for compulsory public offering has been submitted to the Portuguese Securities Commission for the remaining shares of fisipe

with this acquisition, SIG 2 inspect "According to the plan, the group will add a precursor production base in the amplifier unit of the electronic universal experimental machine, so as to expand its production network of carbon fiber raw materials. Some of the original textile fiber production lines of fisipe company will be transformed into precursor production lines, and gradually expand production capacity. In addition, the factory will continue to manufacture and sell acrylic fiber for special textiles and technical level applications, in which TPU will be used strategically to connect prosthetics and athletes, starting from acrylic fiber for special textiles and technical level applications Dimension

multi source supply strategy ensures the supply of carbon fiber core raw materials

as the only comprehensive manufacturer of carbon fiber in Europe, Sigri group will expand its coverage from raw materials, carbon fiber to composite parts through future integration, which will speed up the implementation of carbon fiber composite materials in high-speed rail vehicle head and other fields, using the technology and production foundation of a value chain. At present, the raw silk production of Sigri group is in the charge of the joint venture with Lanjing group in Kelheim, Germany (Sigri group holds 44% shares) and the joint venture with Mitsubishi Liyang in Dazhu, Japan (Sigri group holds 33% shares). These joint ventures mainly produce industrial grade carbon fiber (50K) products. After the acquisition of fisipe, Sigri group will obtain new raw material sources, so as to get involved in the production of other kinds of precursor, especially the development of precursor of small tow carbon fiber (3k-24k)

precursor: the quality of precursor is crucial to the performance and production cost of carbon fiber. According to the difference of fiber tow, carbon fiber can be divided into large tow fibers of 24000 (24K) and above and small tow fibers of 12000 (12K) and below. Standard carbon fibers for industrial use (industrial grade) are generally composed of 50000 (50K) tow

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