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Sigri group: looking back on the eventful 15 years, burning passion to create excellence

2013, September 17, Shanghai. Thesglgroup – thecarboncompany, the world's leading manufacturer of carbon graphite materials and related products, held a media conference with the theme of "extraordinary 15 years, passion casts excellence" in Shanghai today to review the historical changes between Shanghai and Sigri group in the past 15 years and look forward to the future of Sigri group in China

China's 15 year development stems from its focus on carbon

Sigri group briefly shows the changes in Shanghai over the past 15 years in the way of image comparison. With elegant and historical venues, it allows everyone to feel the changes brought about by the development of economy and technology to improve human life through vision. At the event, Dr. guenterhermann, CEO of Sigri group in China, shared with you the company's 15 year history and achievements in China. Sigri group also shared with the media friends present a series of activities held by the company to celebrate its 15th anniversary, demonstrating the enthusiasm and outstanding charm of the company

this year coincides with the 15th anniversary of Sigri group's entry into China. Since 1998, when it obtained its first business license in China, the group has been continuously committed to opening up the Chinese market. After experiencing the hardships of reclamation and sowing, Sigri group's development in China began to flourish. Today, Sigri group has established a Chinese organizational structure based on the global business structure in China, and has grown into a team with a number of legal entities and nearly 500 employees in China, providing high-quality services to customers at home and abroad

Dr. He Wen, CEO of Sigri group in China, said: "As Sigri group enters its 15th year in China until normal, our successful development in China has set up a new monument. I would like to thank every employee who is contributing to the success of the company in China in their own way, which has greatly promoted the global business development of Sigri group. Some market segments are even better than those in the United States or Europe. We are very grateful to Western Europe Gree Group is full of confidence in the future of China. "

based on carbon and committed to a better city life

various carbon graphite related products of Sigri group have been widely used in many fields such as steel smelting, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, new energy, construction and sports equipment, and have received increasing attention in the Chinese market

Sigri group is also actively working with various industries to create a better future

Sigri automotive carbon fiber Co., Ltd., a joint venture established with BMW Group, exclusively supplies carbon fiber and carbon fiber fabrics for BMW I series models. The first batch of BMW I3 models will be delivered to customers at the end of 2013. The measuring range of Moxi lake is 2 ⑴ 00%. The current carbon fiber output of the factory has reached 3000 tons. The first carbon fiber production line was put into operation in September, 2011, and the second line was put into operation in August, 2013

in addition, Sigri group recently established a carbon fiber composite joint venture with Samsung to promote the new applications of carbon fiber composites in the industrial and electronic fields. The joint venture will be committed to developing the product applications of electronic products, fan blades, pressure vessels, automobiles and household appliances for the Far East market

at the same time, with the increasing interest in green buildings in the Chinese market, the demand for efficient solutions for building climate is also increasing. Sigri group has established a joint venture with dnergroup, a global expert in the field of construction (Lin can not reflect the real situation of the experimental machine measurement system), which is committed to the application and promotion of green building air conditioning technology, and will provide more optimized innovative environmental protection solutions for China's green building needs

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