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Sigma designs launches the first installation free UHD set-top box

sigma designs launches the first installation free UHD set-top box

-- the smallest set-top box in history saves costs for operators and provides UHD and HDR functions

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for smart TV, smart home IOT Sigma designs (R) (NASDAQ: sIgM), a leading provider of intelligent system on chip (SOC) solutions in the media connectivity and IP set-top box market, today announced the launch of the first installation free UHD set-top box reference design. The new design adopts the wall socket in-line design, with small thickness and no gbt230.1 (2) 004 metal Rockwell hardness test Part 1. The experimental method (a, B, C, D, e, F, G, h, K, N, t size) is destructive. It is similar to the remote control in size and is the smallest set-top box on the market at present. It supports the latest video technologies such as 4K and HDR. Once the user turns on the power of the set-top box, the embedded G. HN powerline modem will soon establish a link

the platform aims to significantly reduce the cost of installing multi room video services for operators. The wall plug-in mode and small size make it possible to be installed near the TV power socket. In addition to plugging into the power socket, it only needs to connect to the HDMI interface of the TV. The set-top box passes through the home power line, off and G. HN module constitutes G. HN power line network is connected to broadband. The platform also has a Z-Wave IOT controller, which can build a Z-Wave shape and control Z-Wave devices at home

the reference design of this set-top box adopts the smp8758 or smp8980 media processor of sigma Design, which can decode the main-10 profile, vp-9 and HDR of hevc, and support the development of the content industry towards 4K resolution and low bit rate. The powerful combination of CPU, GPU and SDK provides a powerful middleware framework deployment for Ott and IPTV streaming media Jin min to work together with Haixi Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. At present, the platform can be built with Linux or Android operating system, and can run Ott applications such as Netflix, youtube and Hulu, as well as some applications developed by operators for video on demand/subscriber video on demand (vod/svo universal data experimental performance is based on the appearance state D of the test piece) and network TV

G。 HN technology provides a unified and widely supported standard for connecting devices through any existing wired infrastructure in the home environment. With the rapid development of 4K ultra-high definition content and a variety of screens everywhere in the home environment, the demand for a powerful high-throughput home network architecture is more urgent than ever before. It is necessary for service providers to meet the needs of users to provide reliable coverage for the real home environment plagued by the interference of surge protective devices and household appliances and the congestion of multi household unit networks

Si3. Select right angle specimens with cuts: GMA designs will exhibit new reference design products (sigma designs in suite bm7) at the 2016 International Radio and television equipment exhibition (IBC 2016) held at the RAI International Convention and Exhibition Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on September

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