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Strictly adhere to the green bottom line, establish a new concept of food safety release date: Source: economy

Dongqing light company launched a comprehensive mobilization, comprehensive inventory, comprehensive rectification and strengthening the foundation and strengthening the foundation action of safety and environmental protection quality. In 2020, No. 1 central document clearly requires: continue to adjust and optimize the agricultural structure, strengthen the certification and management of green food, organic agricultural products, geographical indications agricultural products, and create local well-known agricultural product brands, Increase the supply of high-quality green agricultural products. Advocating green production, green food and green consumption to meet people's needs for food safety and health can not only implement the strategy of "storing grain in the land and technology", ensure the effective supply of important agricultural products, but also promote the continuous increase of farmers' income and guide people to upgrade their consumption concepts, which has become an important connotation of the concept of food safety in the new era

establish a new concept of food safety and strictly abide by the green environment. Environment is the first barrier of food safety. Ensuring the environmental safety of production, processing, transportation and so on is a necessary prerequisite for ensuring food safety and maintaining human health. Although the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in China has achieved the zero growth target of chemical fertilizers and pesticides during the 13th five year plan three years in advance, it is estimated that 12million tons of grain are polluted by heavy metals every year. To firmly adhere to the green environment and repair the first barrier of food safety, we must do a good job in the "addition and subtraction method" of environmental green: accelerate the process of agricultural non-point source pollution treatment and soil pollution remediation and treatment, and ensure the green soil environment for the growth of food raw materials; Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and gradually shift from the use of chemical fertilizers to the use of biological fertilizers and organic fertilizers, so as to achieve a green environment in the growth process of food raw materials

establish a new concept of food safety and strictly observe the green of raw materials. Raw materials are the basis for the development of the food industry. To ensure the green of raw materials, we should start from the source and from the foundation. For the ultra-high sulfur bauxite with a sulfur content of 4.5 doors in the raw ore and inconvenient loading and unloading of 9%, we should build a green food raw material base, give full play to the driving role of the base, ensure the stable supply of high-quality raw materials required for green food processing, and consolidate the material foundation of the green food industry

establish a new concept of food safety and strictly observe the green of food. Food safety is the core of the development of the food industry, emphasizing the whole process safety from the field to the "tip of the tongue" when carrying out tensile tests in accordance with astmd638 and iso527. To ensure the green of food is to ensure the green of processing, packaging and brand based on the green of raw materials. Stick to the green of food, strictly control the addition of "other colors" in the processing link, and ensure the "purity" of green; We should strictly control excessive packaging to prevent pollution, establish the concept of simple packaging, and ensure green "visibility"; We should strictly abide by the use norms of green food labels, establish the concept of brand green, and ensure that green is "reliable"

establish a new concept of food safety and strictly observe the green market. The market is the driving force for the development of the food industry. To ensure food safety, we should give play to the leading role of the market in the demand for green food. First, we should deeply tap the potential of the domestic green food consumption market, comprehensively and evenly open the domestic green consumption market, and improve consumers' green food cognition and screening ability. At the same time, we should not only enhance the consumption capacity of green food in the first and second tier cities, but also stimulate the potential market demand in the third and fourth tier cities and rural areas. Second, continue to develop the international green food market, further promote the orderly connection between China's green food and international organic food, and enhance the international comprehensive competitiveness of China's green food industry

ensuring food safety is a major livelihood project that the people want and expect. To achieve "safety on the tip of the tongue", we need to practice the new food safety concept, take the lead in the "green" under the most "strict" food safety supervision system, convert the intangible value of "green" into direct economic benefits, solidly promote the food safety strategy, and effectively ensure the basic livelihood, Make due contributions to the "three rural issues" for the decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects

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