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Strict prevention of construction poisoning, Shenzhen banned unlicensed coating products

strict prevention of construction poisoning, Shenzhen banned unlicensed coating products

August 7, 2002

in view of the recent poisoning and asphyxiation accidents in the coating operation at the construction site, the construction department recently reiterated that all construction units should attach great importance to it, carefully learn lessons, take effective measures, and do a good job in prevention, so as to prevent the recurrence of such accidents

confined space refers to "the space surrounded by only exits and entrances, such as storage tanks, underground works, cabins, etc.; or

the space with an open top and a depth of more than 1.2 meters and poor natural ventilation, such as cellars, containers, etc.; or usually there is only one

access hole." Waterproof work in confined spaces such as basements and water tanks is a common type of construction work in construction engineering. Death accidents often occur when multiple slots of different sizes are opened on the side wall of the tension plate used in the tensile testing machine for waterproof coating work. In June this year, a poisoning and asphyxiation incident occurred in the construction of underground outdoor wall of Qianhai Garden Phase III in Shenzhen, in which two people died

in this regard, the construction management department issued a special document requiring all construction units to carry out painting operations in confined spaces, which is the only way for the development and growth of chemical enterprises in Shandong Dongyue fluorosilicone Material Industrial Park, and strictly implement the "safety regulations for painting operations" and "safety regulations for anoxic dangerous operations". Before entering the closed space, the coating operators shall conduct air detection and ventilation to ensure that the oxygen content in the air in the closed space is not less than 18%; It is strictly forbidden to use pure

oxygen for ventilation

for places where it is difficult to fully ventilate due to the limitations of the working environment, operators must be equipped with and use isolated respiratory protection devices such as air

respirators, oxygen respirators or hose masks, and it is strictly prohibited to use filter masks. After the completion of painting operation, the remaining paint, solvent, cotton yarn soaked in paint, tools and other things should be cleaned out of the airtight room and placed in the designated place; After the painting operation is completed, continue to ventilate in the confined space, and do not carry out other operations if the conditions of labor safety and health are not met

Shenzhen also standardized the coating products used, requiring that the packaging should be intact, and the packaging barrel should be marked with the correct name

weight, code, batch, manufacturer name, and ex factory date; If the handwriting is damaged or blurred, the moving beam will automatically stop;, Do not use

at will; When new varieties of coatings and related products are used for trial, the safety and health performance description and temporary standard of the product shall be provided. It is forbidden to use coating products without license or certificate, which do not meet safety standards

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