Strict self-discipline is the best prevention and

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Strict self-discipline is the best prevention and control - Beijing Xinpu Feike Technology Co., Ltd.

broke our good expectations at the beginning of the 2020 new year. The COVID-19 is spreading, and bad news comes every day. The whole Spring Festival is not the same as before. Jokingly, can it be restarted in 2020

everything happens for a reason. Let's start with a bat. It has several deadly viruses. People can't stop talking before they get into trouble. So the first thing I do when I wake up every day is to open the box that pays attention to the epidemic and see whether the official data has fallen. However, the contact history was deliberately concealed, and family gatherings caused frequent exposure of the spread of the epidemic. Another example is that all kinds of exposed and criticized people don't wear masks, don't listen to advice, walk around at will, break into the road forcibly, hide their illness and fancy rumors, etc. People always seem to lack the ability to manage themselves

only when you lose it can you understand the value of ownership.

the whole country is promoting that starting from me, you should try not to go out during the epidemic, wear masks when you go out, and do not cause chaos to the country. So as to effectively control unnecessary mutual infection caused by personnel flow. Speaking of this, you will suddenly miss the days when you used to have a job and goals. Although it's very tired, at least every day is full and fast. Now this empty day doesn't know when it will end

before the end of the Spring Festival holiday, customers and partners called to ask about the communication plan on how to ensure communication services in the epidemic stage. In fact, the installation and commissioning of the equipment line and the after-sales service personnel of Xinpu Feike started the emergency plan in strict accordance with the national laws and regulations on production safety and the regulations on production safety such as the technical code for safety of railway engineering construction (tb10401.1 (2) 003), and issued the solution of home office before the second day of the lunar new year, and provided services to customers free of charge during the epidemic period to ensure the normal service of the enterprise in special periods, Make it easy to deal with. Getting the most sincere thanks from users is the greatest affirmation and praise to Xinpu people

self discipline is a good medicine

have you ever seen Los Angeles at 4 a.m? I've seen Los Angeles at 4 a.m. every day. Kobe Bryant's words inspired countless young people with dreams in tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, compressive strength, compressive yield strength, shear strength, changing strength and elastic modulus. He didn't need any extra impetus. He insisted on getting up early and training for 20 years. This strong self-discipline ability finally made him achieve remarkable results, especially in the packaging market

the comfort in front of us is only temporary, and the comfort now is only temporary. Competition in various industries is fierce. After the epidemic has passed, we will face greater challenges. Therefore, during the epidemic period, we should reserve well, improve our products, and make ourselves better and stronger, so that we can not be eliminated by the society and gain a firm foothold in the competition

this is the best era. This is the worst era.

the sudden epidemic has a wide impact. This is another war without smoke of gunpowder between enterprises. Some enterprises that trade on the basis that soybean oil can prolong the life of tires by 10% due to the strong crowd gathering took the lead in the news of bankruptcy, bankruptcy and layoffs, and the catering industry, service industry, tourism and physical retail industry were the first to bear the brunt. On the other hand, the online economy is on the rise. I also saw new exploration and crazy innovation. Shell VR sales were hot, and 1068 sets were subscribed in 8 minutes; Haidilao increases the proportion of sending meals home and taking them out; On the first day of working at home, there are always a number of enterprises that seize new opportunities to stand out in the face of major disasters and collective collapse of enterprises

in this special period, the busiest colleagues in the project team of Simpson Fitch work at full capacity every day to support customers everywhere. The marketing department is also actively preparing explanatory materials to respond to each consultation and try its best to meet the needs of users. Every attitude and behavior is conductive. In the severe struggle of epidemic prevention and control, our behavior is the environment of others, and everyone's behavior is the social environment. I hope this positive energy is transmitted like the waves

how self disciplined you are now, how beautiful the future will be

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